WD shoves four 2TB Caviar Green HDDs into ShareSpace NAS: „B4F2C150-D71D-477C-9F31-3EBB286E663D.jpg

Remember those absurdly capacious 2TB Caviar Green hard drives that Western Digital pumped out earlier this year? If not, WD’s hoping to jar your memory by cramming no fewer than four of ‚em into its newest, most spacious ShareSpace NAS ever. The four-bay device is now being offered in an 8TB flavor, and it promises to deliver up to 30 percent faster transfer speeds than prior models and to support DLNA media streaming. As with before, this one also doubles as an iTunes music server and comes bundled with the company’s own Anywhere Backup software. Other specs include gigabit Ethernet, RAID 0/1/5 capabilities, an email alert system in case failure is imminent, a trio of USB 2.0 sockets and a built-in FTP server. It should be ready to house all of your, um, old tax documents later this week for $1,699.99.“

(Via engadget.)