Ein sehr interessanter Artikel über Farbauswahl und Kontrast von [Veerle Pieters](http://veerle.duoh.com/blog/comments/choosing_color_combinations/). Sie hat auch ihren Beitrag über Farben im mittlerweile eingestellten Magazin DesignInflight bereitgestellt.

Colors make half of your design, here is some advice

Colors Part II – The Color calculator

Choosing color combinations

All important but often elusive: tips on creating your next color palette

Color is a subjective experience, it is a mental sensation, a reaction of our brain. We say that an orange is ‚orange‘. But is it really orange? How do we know? We cannot get outside of our eyes or brain to find out, but we do know that when the sun or light disappears; color vanishes. We take colors for granted. It’s only when we are actually drawing or painting that we realize how much value color brings to our daily life…

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